Anna Maria Alma Flansburg

Anna Marie Alma Flansburg C 1890

Anna Flansburg, Jessie Belle [White] Dayton’s mother, was born in Chester, NY, April 3, 1855.  She was one half-Dutch.  Her father, William Flansburg, was a pure-bred Dutchman, and he came from a long line of colonial American Dutchmen in the 17th century New Netherlands colony.  Anna was a preacher’s kid.  After having six children; Will, Jessie, Bertha, Martha, Alexander and Anna, she was widowed 3 times.  Her first husband, and father of all her children was Alexander White, who died when she was 51.  She remarried to Frank Ramsey in 1907.  Frank owned the Henry Dayton homestead on Hadley Hill, so the newlyweds occupied the same farmhouse that her son-in-law, Wilber Dayton Sr., had run as an orphaned teenager.  Chester “Chip” Dayton recollects visiting his Grandma (Flansburg) (White) Ramsey at the “Dayton place” as a very young child before it burned in the early part of the 1900’s.  Chip had an eerie feeling about the old house and was afraid to venture upstairs.  Chip also recalls that Anna was a skilled trapper of wild game. She also enjoyed fishing.  When her husband, Frank, died, Anna married Warren Dingman in 1916.   In their last days, she and Warren lived with daughter Jessie, and son-in-law Wilber Dayton, in Corinth.  Warren pre-deceased her in April 1935 and she died three months later on July 26.  She is buried next to her first husband, Alexander White, in the Blackwood Cemetery, on Hadley Hill.


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