Why a Blog?

Why this blog?

I’ve been researching our Dayton family for nearly forty years. Now that I’m reaching my twilight years, I want to share what I’ve learned with the next generation of interested Dayton researchers. Perhaps something I share will cause you to continue that thread of knowledge and develop it further.

My research can be generalized into the following categories:

  • The relatives who comprise our Dayton lineage back to Ralph Dayton.
  • The major branches from the spouses of Dayton ancestors.
  • Stories and photos for as much as I can learn of Wilber and Jessie Dayton.
  • Vital statistics for as many of the descendants of David Dayton Jr as I can determine.
  • Vital statistics and as much personal information as I can amass for the descendants of Wilber and Jessie Dayton.
  • Ancient ancestors who were typically of European and royal bloodlines.

The information I have for living relatives should not and will not be posted to a public blog. Instead, it will be posted to a private area accessible only to those who have a password. If you want to find out what is available about yourself in my personal files before I pass, now is the time to do it (most are photos). All my information is digitized, and it is easy to provide. After I pass, perhaps you will be able to get it from one of my two daughters.