New Videos Now On Youtube

DFH Volume 1 Issue 20

At the start of the new millennium , a video (VHS) of our Dayton Heritage was created and given to all my cousins.  Many of you younger generations have never had the opportunity to view it.  It’s a three-hour video, but it’s broken down into 8 parts.  It will give you a nice summary of your Dayton roots.  Next winter when it’s snowing outside, curl up near the fireplace and watch a few episodes on your smart tv.  Go to youtube, search on Jim Dayton, (click on the ugly, old man with a black shirt).  Then just bring up my playlists and go to the Dayton Heritage playlist. 

I also offer you a video of the reinterment of Henry and Christie Dayton’s graves from Hadley Hill to Dean Cemetery in Stony Creek, NY.  It too, is now available on youtube. The video covers all phases of Henry’s life including a review of his life and farm, footage from the 1998 Family Reunion, a visitation to the cemetery and actual video and photos of the exhumation and reburial of the remains.  As many of you will recall, we visited the 2 graves in the woods n Hadley Hill during the 1998 reunion.  It became necessary to move the remains and stones to a nearby cemetery.  The video will explain that and much more.  It is in four 7 minute parts.