The White Family Photo Album

  DFH Volume 1 Issue 16

My dad, Paul Dayton, inherited a Photo Album.  Although never identified, it was obvious from the labeled photos that it was a White Family Album, probably organized and owned by Harriet [Frasier] White.  Harriet was the grandmother of Jessie Belle.  In it were many tin type photos which were unlabeled.  I hired a professional photo identification consultant to help me identify as many as possible.  She was very familiar with fashion and dress from all periods of decades of the 19th century.  She was equally proficient when it came to facial recognition.  Without getting into particulars, She and I were able to identify ancestors in many of the tintypes.   I’m not clear on how to present them to you, so I will do so over many newsletters….Here is the first installment.

A person and person posing for a photo

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This is Hepzibah and Nahum White II.  Nahum was born in 1797 in Rowe, Massachusetts, and died in 1876 in Stony Creek, New York.  He was the great-grandfather of Jessie Belle [White] Dayton.  Hephzibah [Goodnow] White was the daughter of Stephen and Mary Goodnow.  Hephzibah was born in 1799 in Massachusetts and died in 1873 in Stony Creek, New York.  She is buried in the Schofield Cemetery, Stony Creek, New York.

A gravestone in front of a stone building

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