Ralph Dayton’s Last Will and Testament

In 2016, seven Dayton cousins met on Long Island, New York, for the purpose of learning more about our Dayton ancestors and to explore the localities where they once lived. We were fortunate to link up with a distant cousin, Dai Dayton (blue shirt to my right), who is a local resident in the Hamptons, and a local environmental protectionist and “horsewoman.” She has a stable at her home with two or three horses (who love carrots). She warmly greeted us at her home with refreshments, and then acted as navigator, and local Dayton historian on our first day on Long Island. One of the highlights was a visit to the Long Island Collection which is housed in the East Hampton Library. The collection has many Dayton artifacts. We spent several hours rummaging through them. A catalog of these artifacts can be found online at http://easthamptonlibrary.org/long-island-history/digital-long-island/ Foremost among them is the original copy of the will of Ralph Dayton. Ralph was the first Dayton in America. He came in 1639. In the photo above, I am holding that orignal will which was probated in 1658, the same year that he died. See the actual will below.

Steve’s book, Our Long Island Ancestors, The First Six Generations of Daytons in Amercia, 1639-1807 can be purchased at Amazon.com. It contains a transcripton of this will, as well as several other original documents of importance to our Dayton family.


One thought on “Ralph Dayton’s Last Will and Testament

  1. That must’ve been an incredible trip! Are you actually holing the book containing his will?Thank you for these posts – they are wonderful!!!


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