The White Family Fishermen

The White’s were fishermen. 

I found an old newspaper article about Alexander (Jessie’s dad) catching 400 pounds of Pickerel.  Holy Mackerel, that’s a lot of pickerel. That’s a serious fisherman. That’s a lot of fish fries.

But it doesn’t end there.  Aunt Flossie (Wilber and Jessie’s daughter) weighed in on this subject too.  She said about her grandma White (Anna), “She loved to fish.”, so it was a family thing. 

As far as I know, fishing ended with the elder White’s. None of Wilber’s family, incuding Jessie, were fishermen. I imagine Jessie knew how to fish and was good at it, but there was no extra time while raising a large family.

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2 thoughts on “The White Family Fishermen

  1. I never heard about the fishing. What would they do with 400 pounds of fish? Sell it is all I can come up with. Interesting as always. Thanks, Jim.

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  2. Jimmy, It must be “in the genes” since my oldest son, Jeremy, is an avid fisherman and has been since he was a young boy. He fishes all the local ponds here in PA for bass & sunnies but loves to go annually to Black Lake (near Ogdensburg, NY) for a week of fishing for all kinds of northern species! He’s gone fresh-water salmon fishing on the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY (south of Watertown) and tries to empty the lakes when we go for our annual family camping trips to Silver Lake (near Saranac, NY) and White Lake (near Old Forge, NY). Jeremy has an extensive collection of gear and tackle and even has a fishing pole container on his work truck “just in case he passes a pond that calls to him” during the day. He has brought his brother, cousins, nephews and even his father and mother into his fishing expeditions. He must be a generational fisherman…and he’s very good at it! Dave Hayes


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