The Watch

If you found a watch lying in the street, what would you do?  If you were poorer than a church mouse, would you say, “God is Good, He just gave me a new watch?”  If you were greedy, would you say, “too bad sucker, it’s mine now?”  If you were rich, would you just leave it there for some other lucky person to find?

Jessie Belle (White) Dayton

Do you know what our gramma, Jessie Belle Dayton, did?  Our gramma Jessie, who WAS poorer than a church mouse?  She went to the newspaper office with her “widows’ mite”, purchased a classified advertisement hoping she could find its owner and return it.  How many people do you think would do that?  Was she nuts?  Had she gone off the deep end?  Or was she someone with exceptional integrity?  Someone with exceptional generosity?  She probably used grocery money to pay for the ad.  Thank you, gramma, for walking like you talked.  You taught us well.


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