William Flansburg Pedigree

In this final Flansburg post, we’ll view our ancient Dutch pedigree starting from our ancestor, Rev. William Flansburg, and strecthing back to the earliest days of the founding of America and the incorporation of New Amsterdam (present day New York City). If you will recall, Jessie Belle White, was Anna Alma Flansburg’s daughter, and Anna was William Flansburg’s daughter. William was the start of the following pedigree seen below.

William’s parent’s and grandparent’s were from the Albany (Fort Orange), New York area. Prior to arriving at Fort Orange, they moved up the Hudson River from New York. The Dutch explorer, Henry Hudson, had discovered the Hudson River in 1609. Henry was actually born in Germany, but border wars and redrawing of borders, give him a Dutch heritage according to family tradition. Perhaps his Dutch comes from his mom and the many Dutch women on the Flansburg side of the family. Click on download to view the pedigree.


One thought on “William Flansburg Pedigree

  1. I hope when I get to work today I have time to look at that chart. It’s too hard to see on my phone. I love this stuff. Thank you for providing it to us all. Keep up the good work!

    I hope you and Judy are doing well – not picking up any of these bugs. I love you

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