DFH Volume 1 Issue 23

This month starts a new feature called Memories.   It will include one or two photos from my vast collection of Dayton family photos.  If you would like a complete copy of my collection of photos, send a flash drive to Jim Dayton, 8366 Ridgestone Drive, Byron Center, MI 49315.  Be sure to include your return address.  I would like to continue adding to my collection.  Do you have digital images of your family or your parents or grandparents?  Please send them to me at (or send them to me on the flash drive which will be returned containing my photos.)


One thought on “Memories-1960

  1. I (Lydia Dayton) am not in this photo. I wonder if the little girl at the far left is Pamela Sue Bortner, as she is standing along side a line of our other Bortner cousins. The little girl in the very front is definitely my sister Tammy, who is two years older than I am. Her appearance in this photo matches that of others taken of her the summer before I was born (Oct 25, 1961), however, my mother (Janice Dayton, back row, far left) doesn’t appear obviously pregnant. If this was late Spring or early Summer I suppose as tall as Mom is, she may not have shown a “baby bump” as early on as we short ladies do.


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