DNA says we’re British Through and Through

DFH Volume 1 Issue 20

I took one of those DNA tests which Ancestry advertises.   It revealed I am 64% English [Daytons, Whites, Goodnows, Harris’ and many others], 21% Irish [Camerons, and several on my mom’s side] and 15% Germanic European [Flansburg, Clute and some on my mom’s side].  You are probably different since your non-Dayton parent is different from mine.  It does show, however, what a connection we have with England. Ralph Dayton emigrated from England in 1639, and Nicholas White [Jessie Belle’s ancestor] emigrated from England sometime before 1648, since he was a freeman in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1648.  More will be said about our Flansburg ancestry in a future issue.


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