Paul Dayton’s Injury: Does pneumonia burn the skin?

DFH Volume 1 Issue 17

My dad never told us kids about being injured when opening a barrel of pneumonia.  And I never knew that pneumonia would burn your skin.  It’s really a curious thing.  I didn’t get so much as a little red spot on my skin when I got my pneumonia shot recently.  Hum…I just wonder if the reporter or editor made a typo just like I do sometimes in this newsletter.  I’ll bet he meant ammonia.  After searching and reviewing ammonia in google, I’m quite sure it was industrial strength ammonia which burned my dad.  It’s quite dangerous, and I thank God that his eyes were spared any injury.  Here is what the New York State Department of Health says about exposure to ammonia. ” Skin or eye contact: Exposure to low concentrations of ammonia in air or solution may produce rapid skin or eye irritation. Higher concentrations of ammonia may cause severe injury and burns. Contact with concentrated ammonia solutions such as industrial cleaners may cause corrosive injury including skin burns, permanent eye damage or blindness. The full extent of eye injury may not be apparent for up to a week after the exposure. Contact with liquefied ammonia can also cause frostbite injury.”


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