Question Box – Jonathan Dayton

DFH Volume 1 Issue 16

Last week’s quiz:

OK…he’s not a direct grampa, he’s a very old cousin, but do you know what Jonathan Dayton was famous for?

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Jonathan Dayton (October 16, 1760 – October 9, 1824) was an American politician from the state of New Jersey. He was the youngest person to sign the United States Constitution and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, serving as its third Speaker, and later in the U.S. Senate. Dayton was arrested in 1807 for treason in connection with Aaron Burr’s conspiracy. He was never tried, but his national political career never recovered. (Wikipedia,  His father, Elias Dayton, was Brigadier General during the American Revolution.  Jonathan’s lineage is not known so we don’t know his relationship to us.  He almost certainly descended from Ralph, our first Dayton grampa on American soil in 1639.

This week’s quiz:  Who is the most famous ancestor in the Wilber Dayton, Sr. family tree?  [Hint: he was an ancient grampa; there was a world-famous historical event involving him in the year 800 A.D.]


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