1998 Dayton Family Reunion- Flossie [Dayton] Denton’s Family

During the 1998 reunion, we photographed the offspring of each of the children of Wilber and Jessie Belle Dayton who attended the reunion.  The following is the Florence “Flossie” Gertrude Denton family.

A group of people posing for the camera

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Flossie [Dayton] Denton’s husband was married twice.  He and his first wife (Mary E Palmer) gave birth to Elizabeth “Liz” [Denton] Bortner. Liz’s mother died during child birth.  George married Flossie two years later. Flossie gave birth to Shirley and Robert. Robert moved to Florida shortly after high school and he remained there until his death in 1990. Liz and Shirley married brothers, Roland and John Bortner.  After living in different parts of the USA, both couples moved to Dothan, Alabama upon their retirements.  Flossie joined them in Dothan and died there in 1987. Both George and Flossie are buried in the Corinth Rural Cemetery.


One thought on “1998 Dayton Family Reunion- Flossie [Dayton] Denton’s Family

  1. Just a couple of errors need to be corrected. First, Robert Denton (Uncle Bob) joined the Air Force after high school and retired after over 20 years of service all over the world, including Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam. Preferring the climate, he decided to retire in Orlando, Florida and worked at Disney World. He married Josephine (Jo) Serrano in 1971 and he passed away in 1990. Jo passed away in 1997. Second, Phil (John Phillip. Sr.) and Shirley Bortner, and their youngest daughter Becky (Rebecca) moved to Alabama in the early 1980’s when Shirley accepted an editorial position with the U.S. Army at Fort Rucker. Later, they cared for Flossie until her death in 1987. Phil had retired from the Air Force in the 1970’s after 20 years of service and continued to work a variety of jobs until his death in 1997. Shirley retired from the civil service in the 1990’s. When Roland Bortner (Uncle Ron) retired from International Paper, he and Liz decided to move to Alabama and live near Phil and Shirley. A few years after Phil passed away, Shirley decided to move to Olatha, Kansas to be near her daughter Pam Rider and her family. A few years later she moved back to Alabama. She married retired Rev. Robert (Bob) Kuhn in 2005; unfortunately, Bob passed away in March 2008. Even sadder, a few weeks later her sister Liz passed away. Forever the optimist, she met Rev, James Tharp in Alabama and they later married in 2009 in Bozeman, Montana, where they now live.


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