Letter to the Editor–Chip whittled Too

DFH Volume 1 Issue 9

Regarding the Shanty Man article, Mark commented, “Grampa (Chip) loved to whittle as well.  Now we may know why!  Over the years he and I made several “tree-branch” whistles. (Actually, he made them and I used them!)”   

EDITORS NOTE:  The following are Chip’s words about woodworking from a taped interview with him in the mid 1990’s. 

“I was always interested in the sawmill ever since I was a small kid in school. You used to see ads for one man sawmills in nearly every magazine you’d pickup. I used to send to Belsaw to get all of their literature on sawmills and edgers and planers. I knew almost all of those books by heart. I was always interested in woodworking of any kind. I learned a lot about sawmills before I had any practical experience with them at all. There were a lot of little tips that came in handy after I started actually working at the sawmill. The first mill we had was the little Belsaw on Hadley Hill.”


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