Venturing Into Family History 101

DFH Volume1 Issue 6

By Jim Dayton

Are you ready to take the first baby steps into Dayton family research? If you are, then you may want to explore collections of ancestral information on the Wilber Dayton Sr family. I have a vision for preserving my family history information, which I’ve been collecting for forty years, so that future generations can enjoy it as well.  Fifty years, maybe even two hundred years, from now, I want descendants of Wilber Sr. to be able to view our information and even to add to or change it. The internet medium I’ve chosen to make this possible is a web site called  It is a website developed and maintained by the Mormon Church [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]. I have chosen this site because:

  1. It is free, and most likely always will be.
  2. You and future Dayton decedents can add or change information as new information emerges.
  3. The Mormons have much research available, including Birth, Death, Marriage, Immigration, land records, and probate records just to name some..
  4. The website will last as long as there is a Mormon church [probably centuries], unless an evil governmental organization destroys the software owned by the Christian Churches.
  5. The Mormons will stay current with the latest technology. Preserving family history is a core belief of the Mormon church and always will be.
  6. The website will do nothing but improve.
  7. The Mormons will always have a passion for preserving my information regardless of what new technology and user desires dictate.
  8. Commercial websites such as will come and go because of financial debacles and bankruptcies, but the well-financed LDS, since church members are required to tithe, will undoubtedly never have a financial crisis. Currently, the LDS  Church has more assets than any Corporation in the world.

NOTE: Do not be intimidated or “turned off” because my plan is affiliated with the Mormons. I have spent countless hours on their website and visiting their Family history Centers inside their “brick and mortar” churches and have never been “approached about their religion.” They teach their volunteer genealogists not to proselytize their patrons because the patrons, you and I, are giving them genealogical information that can feed their hunger for family history data. Their belief system makes Family History a requirement.  Thus, they never bite the hand that feeds them.

In later issues, I will help you with accessing features of, but for this week, click on the following links to view my “work in progress.” NOTE: YOU WILL FIRST HAVE TO ESTABLISH A USER ID AND PASSWORD.  The website is

For Wilber Thomas Dayton Sr:

For Flossie Gertrude [Dayton] Denton

For Rev. Charles Alexander Dayton

For Chester Arthur Dayton

For Wilber Thomas Dayton Jr

For Paul Delbert Dayton

For those of you who are “tech savvy”, you will be able to navigate around the website now.  I’ll teach the rest of you later. Please be advised that for individuals who are alive, none of our information is available to other “prying eyes,” even if we’ve already entered photos etc. on-line. Information for deceased individuals, on the other hand, is available to anyone.

NOTE: If you are concerned that a photo(s) or document(s) which I have added of your loved one is too personal to be shared with the world, please inform me and I will remove it.


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