Question Corner-Mayflower

DFH Volume 1 Issue 4

Q. Many years ago, I remember grandma Dayton talking about us having a relative that was on the mayflower.

What I don’t know if it was on her side or the Dayton side.

Do we have anyone on the Dayton side?

A: Yes, in fact we actually have eight Mayflower grandpas and grandmas who were Mayflower Pilgrims.  Steve Dayton put together a brilliant ancestral chart which shows the lineage from Wilber and Jessie Dayton back to the Mayflower pilgrims (SEE NELOW).  There is just too much information available  to share to share it in this answer.  If you wish to ask more specific questions, fire away.  Deane Dayton has gone through the rigorous process of joining the Mayflower Society whose membership is restricted to members who can prove their lineage  I’m sure that he would be glad to discuss the process with you.  He proved John Billington, the most interesting of all of the “commoners” on the ship. Another Dayton grandpa,  John Howland,  is mentioned on every documentary about the Mayflower Atlantic crossing (including Snoppy’s cartoon version of the crossing).  Grandpa John Howland fell overboard during a fierce storm, and he was miraculously rescued, and lived to tell about it.  Thank you for your question. 


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