Widow’s Mite

DFH Volume 1 Issue 3

By Priscilla [Dayton] Tyler, as told by Mary Tyler

Mary reminded me about this story a few days ago, and this morning as I was thinking about what story I could contribute, the following came to mind. It sounds like a very Dayton kind of thing. I hate “losing things!”  The story line is simple, but very “Dayton.” The following story is in Mary’s  words:

“My mother has always appreciated archaeological findings, especially Biblical artifacts, and she has a few pieces she treasures. Our church is currently doing a 30 week study of the Bible, and she has been looking forward to bringing a very small coin (commonly called a “widow’s mite”) to her study group.  The coin was in circulation when Christ walked the earth. 

This past Thursday morning, as we were getting ready to leave the house, I heard some scuffling noises coming from upstairs.

I called up to her, “Are you okay? What are you doing?” 

 She said, “Oh! I can’t find my widow’s mite…” 

 “Do you want some help?” I replied. It was at that moment my brother and I looked at each other and we both realized “the widow has lost her mite!”

 A short time later, the lost coin was found, and there was great rejoicing in our home! (This experience reminded me of the widow giving all she had (two mites) as an offering, and the parable of the woman searching her home for one lost coin. I realize these are not the same story, but it certainly has brought some interesting discussions in our home.)”


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