Potato Patch

DFH Volume 1 Issue 1

by Jim Dayton

At first glance, the garden (see left) seems overrun with weeds and rocks.  It’s a potato patch.  In the spring a slice of a potato, with tuber, is buried.  The potato is left to grow, without tending it until it is harvested in the fall.  Here grandpa is digging up the potatoes, as can be seen laying on top of the soil.  I can remember seeing the potatoes in the potato bin in his cellar.  The bin was near the coal bin.  In this photo, he appears to be emaciated…perhaps 130 pounds.  This  certainly isn’t Paul Dayton’s description of him as being “all man.”  During his healthy years of adult life, he had a physique similar to Uncle Chip. (Chester).  Chip was probably 160 to 170 pounds.


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